This website is a gallery of work by Helen Newton.  Please click on the menu above or on the links below to see my paintings.

Recent Work

A painting of a sundial at Winterbourne surrounded by brightly coloured flowers in pots.
Sundial, Winterbourne
A work inspired by late summer at Winterbourne House and Garden, to be exhibited in 2024 at Winterbourne
A painting of a lawn, flower beds and greenhouses in a walled garden
Attingham Park Walled Garden
A lovely place to sit and paint
A painting of a corner shop in Leicester with a brightly painted outside wall
Karma Corner
A beautifully decorated local shop supporting local artists
A painting of an orangey-red lily with several flowers and clumps of leaves on a yellow backgroud.
Lilium Martagon
Inspired by the botanic paintings of Alpine Flora by P H Robert published in 1911