Painting house and garden portraits is a major part of my work.

Commissioned work includes house portraits, garden portraits, special occasions and special people. To complete a commission, I spend time with the person commissioning the work, listening to their requirements and understanding their preferences. I use this information, photos, observation and research to produce a design, which is agreed, and I then produce the final work. The resulting art work is absolutely unique and records a special place or occasion, or is about a special person. I also present a digital copy of the image, which can be used for printing cards, place names, etc.

Commissioning a bespoke image

I charge £25 per hour for commissions. An A5 unframed image is about £150; an A1 sized framed painting can cost around £800.
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Painting of Leicester House
Leicester House
Portrait of a Home
Gouache on Board
46x56 cm
Gouache painting of Cropston Garden
Cropston Garden
Portrait of a Garden
Gouache on Board
70x46 cm
Image of Kim's House, portrait of a house and garden
Kim's House
Portrait of a House and Garden
Gouache on board
83x35 cm
Painting of Knighton House
Knighton House
Portrait of a House
Gouache on Board
45x55 cm
Paining of Hercules - Houseboat
Hercules, South Dock, London
Portrait of a Houseboat
Gouache on Board
42x62 cm
Painting of South Knighton House
South Knighton House
Portrait of a House
Gouache on Board
30x52 cm
Painting of Swannington House
Swannington House
Portrait of a House
Gouache on Board
42x58 cm