This page shows the variety of my work. All paintings are gouache on board. Paintings or prints may be available for sale by arrangement. Click on each painting for a larger image.

Image of the port in Sagres, Portugal with boats in the harbour
Sagres Port, Portugal
50x64 cm
Gouache painting of Victoria Park in Leicester, showing the park and some surrounding buildings.
Victoria Park, Leicester
35x45 cm
Gouache painting of greenhouse interior with tree and colourful plants.
Greenhouse 3
66x46 cm
Painting of Cultural Quarter
Cultural Quarter
67x72 cm
Not available as a copy
Painting of Yellow Room
Yellow Room
52x36 cm
Gouache painting of the back of a house with cobbled path and plants in pots and flowerbeds.
Cobbles and plants
46x24 cm
Painting of Florist Shop 1
Florist Shop 1
32x40 cm
Gouache painting of purple gallinules and ducks.
Purple gallinules
52x38 cm
Painting of Portmeirion village
Portmeirion Village
49x32 cm
House and Garden portrait
House and Garden Portrait
82x59 cm