The medium of watercolour is excellent for rapid, loose work with fascinating results as pigments mix and dry on the page.  Watercolour requires few resources so is ideal for sketching outside and for small experimental work. I use it to record ideas and colours and as part of planning for large commissions in gouache.    I regularly run courses in watercolour painting, both online and face to face. More information here.

I take commissions  for watercolour portraits of houses or garden views 

Commissions £90 for a painting up to size 22×30 cm

Watercolour portrait of a house in Knighton
A Knighton Garden
Commissioned watercolour house portrait
Photo of house with portrait in foreground
The view of the house
Watercolour portrait of family members
Family, my mother and her sisters
Watercolour painting of Aljezur, Portugal: houses on cobbled street
Aljezur, Portugal
Featured in The Leisure Artist Magazine

Watercolours April 2022, wild flowers of the Algarve, originals for sale, unframed £45 each, £60 framed.

Watercolour painting of poppies in a field
Poppies at Boca do Rio
17x17 cm
Watercolour painting of wild flowers
Thrift, cistus and rock rose
16x16 cm
Watercolour painting of daisies and purple flowers
Crown daisy, viper's bugloss and rapeseed
14x14 cm
Watercolour painting of flowers in a vase
Corn marigold and scabious
22x15 cm

Framed original watercolours for sale

Watercolour painting of flower head
16x16 cm
Framed £25
Watercolour painting of flowers in a vase
Sweet peas pink
24x24 cm
Framed £35
Watercolour painting of blue flowers
Blue flowers
24x24 cm
Framed £40
Watercolour painting of large daisies
Crown daisy
24x24 cm
Framed £60